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  "A handpicked collection of state of art vintage and modern equipments from around the world with the finest of engineers!"

Space cat studio main engineer Tamzid Rahman

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Whether you simply want to do a mix, or if you want to record additional tracks or replace software instruments with classic analog synths: 

We love to use our tools.

Space Cat Studio is a high-end hybrid studio in Mumbai : on Swami Vivekananda Road,Andheri West owned by Producer and Mixing Engineer Tamzid Rahman.

Space Cat aims to bring quality music production, recording and education to you at the best rates.

We are flexible on our rates, especially for longer prepaid bookings. Our passion is to help local musicians make awesome sounding recordings.

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Space Cat Studio

903,Millionaire Hertage, Andheri West,Mumbai, MH 400058IN

+91 94351 88317




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